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Contact Us

call Administration: Debbie Benson 407-998-5654 Andrea Cavalere 407-998-5678 Sue Collins 407-647-3392 Cindy Loria 407-647-3392 Finance: Concetta Timmes 407-998-5671 Adult Faith Formation: Sr. Rosemary Finnegan: 407-644-6812 Advocacy & Social Justice Deacon...
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SMM Staff

Joan Davison Children's Faith Formation 407-647-5171 Michelle Tyson Christian Service 407-628-1324 Deacon Scott Linderman Facility and Grounds 407-647-3392 Will Bergin Shay Fitzgerald Pat Hayes Family Ministries 407-645-0284 Lori Reinneck,M.S., LMHCFL...
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Pastoral Care

...funeral planning process is available at the link below. Please contact Deacon Bill Timmes at 407-647-3392 for more information. Click here for the Funeral Planning Guide. Bereavement Support Group “Blessed...
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